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3 Items to Take on a Military Mission

A military mission requires that the soldier not only be in the right state of mind in order to perform the job correctly, but also that they have the right gear in order to get through the mission safely. When going on any type of mission, there are a few standard pieces of gear that each member should have in their possession.

Tactical Boots
The first is tactical boots. These boots allow for the personnel to trudge through anything. They are waterproof so that the soldier does not have to worry about contacting diseases and illnesses of the foot that were so common during the times of the Vietnam War. Plus, these boots are designed for high mileage, meaning that the member does not have to worry about wearing out the soles of the boots after trudging through the wilderness or any other type of environment. These boots are usually issued to the member once they join. However, most members prefer to have a slightly worn, but new pair before they begin the mission since they want boots that are going to hold up to the conditions, but not end up blistering their feet because they have not been worn in properly.

Tactical Pants
The second piece of gear is tactical dress uniform (TDU) pants. These pants are made with a thicker material than just average pants, which means that they are going to hold up when coming in contact with other objects, such as thorns on bushes, as well as being able to withstand the member having to drop and crawl on the ground. These pants are usually somewhat waterproof and can be sprayed with a protector in order to keep the water from penetrating too badly. Plus, the tactical pants come in a wide array of colors, which means that the military member can blend in with the environment. This is very important when going on a high risk mission.

Combat Jacket
The last piece of gear is a combat jacket. These jackets can be worn with or without protective plates that can save personnel from being injured if they come under fire. These do weigh quite a bit, however, most members have trained with the combat jackets on, so they are prepared and know what to expect. These jackets are camouflaged to blend in with the environment, which can give personnel further protection, just as the pants do. They also protect the military member from the environment by providing cover during the scorching sun, as well as warmth during cold winters.

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