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Seat Belts – Safety, Regulations, and Controversy

Saving Lives Seatbelts are one of the most common mechanisms used to protect drivers and passengers in the case of an automobile collision. Fortunately for drivers, statistics show that, despite being relatively ‘low-tech,’ seatbelts are a very effective layer of protection, saving an estimated 9,500 lives every year. On the flip side, other numbers show […]

How Long Does a Workers Compensation Claim Stay on Your Record?

If you have been injured at work in the past and have filed a Workers Compensation claim, you know about the treatment, recovery, and paperwork involved. Depending on the circumstances and severity of your injury, and the geographical location of your workplace, certain laws surely applied to your situation. If it came to pass that […]

Statistics Reveal Leading Causes Of Holiday Auto Accidents

Every holiday season, drivers hit the roads in search of the perfect gift or friendly social occasions. Every year, motorists ignore icy conditions, have too much to drink, and get so distracted by the stress of the pending holidays that they fail to take basic safety precautions whilst behind the wheel. The holiday season is […]

Expense Recovery With Fatal Accident Claims

The law is contained in the Fatal Accidents Act 1976, and the Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1934. 1. Expenses Incurred Prior to Death The LRMPA allows recovery of funeral expenses by virtue of section 1(2)(c) which provides for the deceased’s estate to claim these. In addition, other expenses may also be claimed under the […]

Things You Need To Know About Extravasation Injuries

An extravasation injury results when there is a leaking of fluid into the tissues that surround the area of the injection site for an IV or there is an accidental injection of fluid into this area. An extravasation injury is a very serious complication that is associated with IV drug administration and can cause serious […]

Common Reasons For High Car Accident Rates

Every hour, almost 4 people get involved in a serious car accident all over the world. The causes can be numerous including reckless driving, bad weather conditions, faulty car parts, drugs, alcohol etc. Most of the accidents can be prevented if each one of us takes a little time out to explore the common causes […]

Benefits of Hiring Truck Accident Lawyers After a Tractor Trailer Crash

If you were injured after a tractor trailer collided with your car, you should start browsing truck accident lawyers serving your area. You should make sure to hire this type of attorney as opposed to legal professionals who mostly handle car accidents. Find out why this is. In most cases, the drivers of tractor trailers […]

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