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7 Tips To Hire The Best Divorce Attorney

When people are going to get a divorce, they often wonder what they should do in those circumstances. Usually, they think of hiring a good lawyer, which is a great option. If you have no idea as to how a lawyer can be chosen, we suggest that you use the following tips. 1. Divorce process […]

Types of Credit Card Frauds

Credit card fraud broadly implies theft and fraud that are committed using a card or any similar payment mechanism. It can simply be defined as “an act of making a purchase using someone else’s credit card information.” The purpose of the fraud can be to obtain goods without paying for them or to obtain unauthorized […]

Capital Punishment – Death Penalty – Life In Prison

When American colonists fought for and won independence, they accepted England’s laws, including capital punishment. Since then, England and our other close allies have abandoned the process of putting criminals to death. We are, however, allied with Russia, China, Libya, Iran, Cuba, Chile and Saudi Arabia in the use of capital punishment. The way in […]

2 Things You Must Do If You Carry a Weapon for Self Defense

There are many misconceptions of why people might desire to carry a weapon. Several times each month I teach the legal portion of Idaho's Enhanced Conceived Class. It's always an eye-opener for most people since it is usually an area of ‚Äč‚Äčuncertainty and anxiety. While they have firearms around the house for various purposes (hunting […]

What Occurs at a DUI Probation Hearing

After a defendant has plead guilty to a DUI, plead guilty to a lesser offense, or has found guilty following a trial they will be sentenced by a Judge. In a typical DUI case this sentence can include jail, fines, community services, alcohol treatment, ignition interlock requirements, and a condition to stay out of trouble. […]

Careless Driving – The Colorado Catch-All Traffic Offense

One of the most ubiquitous traffic violations in Colorado is Careless Driving. The Colorado Careless Driving statute provides, in part, that: “A person who drives a motor vehicle, bicycle, electrical assisted bicycle, or low power scooter, in a careless and imprudent manner, without due regard for the width, grade, curves, corners, traffic, and use of […]

Every Lawyer’s Guide to DUI

“Field-sobriety tests in Illinois may be refused without penalty, and the risk of erroneous interpretation by an officer far outweighs the benefit of performing them.” This article gives non-DUI practitioners a general overview of the DUI laws, describes how a DUI arrest occurs, and offers general information to help you answer that all-too-often asked question […]

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