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Is A Divorce Lawyer Needed In Order To Get Divorced?

In some cases, it is not mandatory that either party hire an attorney in order to get a divorce. A party to a divorce may represent themselves. However, someone doing their own divorce without legal counsel may be putting themselves at a serious disadvantage. Most divorces are not straightforward unless there are no financial assets, […]

What You Need to Remember When You Get Caught For a DUI

They say people never learn. That is why despite the constant reminders from a lot of concerned groups to not drive after drinking, still a good number of drivers find themselves facing the DUI legal nightmare. Some may have thought that a few drinks (well, you also need to define "few") will not cause too […]

Preventing Airbag Injury

Driving is a privilege many Americans take for granted. Drivers also take for granted that their vehicle is a safe and secure way to get them and their family members or other passengers from point A to point B. Today's cars remind all who enter with flashing lights and often little bells, encouraging them to […]

Skyrocket Your Injury Claim In 7 Days Or Less!

Is it possible to complete 50% of your injury claim in 7 days or less? It is possible if you follow simple guidelines, but only if you follow these simple steps over the next 7 days will you see results. Here’s a definite guide to get your personal injury claim kick-started: Day 1 – Complete […]

10 Facts About the Adult Bullying Mindset

1. Bullies will take any slight, real or imagined and use it as a weapon against their victims. Another favorite trick is where a bully invents a crime and accuses the victim of committing it. 2. Bullies are convincing liars and are adept at getting innocent people to do their dirty work. Often, the innocent […]

Spontaneous Statements – From the Collection of Useful Hearsay Exceptions

Sometimes, one of the key pieces of evidence in your case is a hearsay statement. Maybe it’s an admission from the defendant or from the defendant’s agent. It might be testimony from another trial or hearing that squarely addresses an issue in your case. Whatever the situation, if you need to offer an out-of-court statement […]

5 Fun Uses for an Erect Penis

An erect penis in the room is like an elephant in the room – it’s too obvious to simply ignore. But while an erect penis may find itself enmeshed in sexual situations, the truth is that a person or a couple can be creative in the fun ways they use this valuable resource. Assuming that […]

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