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70/30 Custody and Visitation Schedules

70/30 physical custody schedule is a schedule often chosen by parents or the court. With a 70/30 schedule, your child will spend 70% of their time with one parent and 30% of their time with another. This schedule allows for your child to spend the majority of time with one parent but still be a […]

Does He Really Want a Divorce? Tips and Advice That May Help

Sometimes, I get emails from confused wives who ask me things like “my husband is saying he wants a divorce.  How do I know that he’s really serious, that he really and truly wants the divorce, or whether he’s just playing mind games or trying to get the upper hand?” The honest answer to this question is […]

The Cause and Effect of Divorce

From the past to present, people all over the world have determined to “get marriage”. Nevertheless, some couples are unable to maintain their relationship so they choose to divorce, which is one of the solutions to cope with problems between a husband and wife. Most people claim to think carefully before they get married, but […]

50/50 Custody Schedules: Alternating Weeks Compared To A 2-2-3

There are many different custody and visitation schedules available and my goal is to help you learn all you can about your options. The alternating weeks and 2-2-3 schedules are options which fall under 50/50 joint physical custody. Both of these schedules have their pros and cons. The biggest thing for you to consider when […]

50/50 Joint Custody: The 2-2-5-5 and the 3-4-4-3 Schedules

The 2-2-5-5 and 3-4-4-3 schedules are very similar to each other and choosing one over the other really comes down to personal preferences. I am going to explain how each of the schedules work, the benefits particular to each, and then the things you need to consider when looking at both of these schedules. 2-2-5-5 […]

How to Stop a Divorce – Magic Love Spell and Techniques to Stop Divorce Or Separation

Are you ready to learn how to stop a divorce? If you are, know that it is a simple thing to do. If your marriage is faced with irreconcilable differences and you fear it could lead to an unwanted separation or divorce, you should not hesitate to take action today by using the magic love […]

How Do I Get My Wife Back? We Have Kids – 5 Tips For What To Do Next

Having a happy marriage is something that many men who have kids take for granted – until the marriage is over. At that point, one's perspective has a way of changing. Suddenly, so many of those things that the husband took for granted became much more clear in his mind. He realizes at that point […]

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