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Basic Facts About IU (Individual Unemployability) in a Veterans VA Compensation Claim

Veterans always have questions about the VA Disability compensation benefit known as IU. It is also known as TDIU (Total Disability – Individual Unemployability), and sometimes as TD (Total Disability). What is TDIU? Most Veterans mix their terminology when referring to this benefit. However, all Veterans have the same understanding of what this benefit is. […]

How To Do – Tax-Free Income Overseas

What closely is the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion? The IRS defines it like this: “For this target, distant earned revenue returns you collect for navy you make in an unknown country during an epoch your tax home is in an exotic country and during which you meet each the genuine residence suffering or the bodily […]

The Art Of Love: Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War In Romantic Endeavour

Military historians have often speculated that Napoleon Bonaparte may have utilized Sun Tzu’s timeless treatise The Art of War in his victorious campaigns, losing only when he failed to follow its rules. Certainly, his often stunning mobility would indicate that perhaps he did. One thing is certain; The Art of War, written over two and […]

Best Jobs for Felons – Your Paycheck Is Waiting at These Jobs for Felons

Finding jobs for felons has always been a hard road. Due to the slowdown of the economy it’s proving even more difficult to find jobs for felons this year and those guys in the white house don’t seem to be helping. The truth is, the search for high paying jobs for felons is a task […]

The Boundaries of Chaplain Confidentiality

“A woman was in a room of her sick child when she was visited by a civilian hospital chaplain. She told the chaplain a number of things about herself and her family, including the fact that she was pregnant. The following day she was taken aback when a nurse approached her and inquired about her […]

Ohio Laws Regarding Stun Guns

Ohio has relatively liberal laws regarding stun guns. They can be carried, openly or concealed, in most places. They are considered deadly weapons and their use in the commission of a crime will make any offense substantially greater. The person carrying a stun gun also carries a high degree of responsibility. If used while committing […]

The Riderless Horse in American Presidents’ Funerals

While having roots in antiquity, the custom of a riderless horse participating in a funeral procession has changed dramatically since the time of an ancient legend of mourners leading a horse to a burial site, where it was slaughtered and eaten as part of a ritual. Horses were occasionally sacrificed so that their souls could […]

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