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How to File a Complaint Against a Texas Judge

Does a citizen of Texas have the ability to file a complaint against a Judge? The answer is yes. An amendment to the Texas Constitution passed in 1965 provides for the “State Commission on Judicial Conduct” to oversee and investigate allegations of misconduct by Texas Judges. The Commission has authority over Texas judges, including appellate, […]

Can I Get Ticketed By an Off-Duty Police Officer?

We are thankful for our law enforcement personnel who sacrifice their lives every day to protect our rights and our safety. As citizens, we expect police officers to be honest, respectful, and un-biased figures of society, so that we may trust them to carry out their duties responsibly. But sometimes, a cop can exhibit overconfidence […]

Becoming a Child Custody Lawyer

This professional is a family lawyer who specializes in child custody cases, helping to protect children’s rights. To become a child custody lawyer you would have to pursue the same path as any lawyer but specializing in child custody cases. In most states, you would need an undergraduate degree, like a bachelor’s degree before you […]

A Sample Divorce Narrative to Help You Understand the Process of Filing and Pursuing a Divorce

Understanding the steps and breakdown of a divorce will help you fully comprehend what is needed and required in order to properly start and serve your ex-wife with divorce papers. Here is a quick breakdown of the standard procedures involved in filing the initial divorce and properly serving your ex-wife. First, you will start the […]

Gang Stalking Laws and the Steps You Must Take to Prove Your Case in Court

Is gang stalking prohibited under law? Yes, it may not be spelled out as “gang stalking” per se but the methods and tactics perpetrators use against their victims or targets is not allowed by law. Please find various laws that gang stalkers violate. This information is not offered as legal or prescriptive advice and you […]

Frequently Asked Questions About House Arrest

House arrest is a court-ordered, officer-supervised penalty that is sentenced to certain offenders in lieu of jail time. When sentenced to such penalty, a person must remain within the set boundaries of their home at all times, but may be given limited travel privileges for work, school, or doctor’s appointments. Both adults and minors can […]

Three Ways to Find a Reputable Defense Attorney

When you are facing criminal charges, whether for something serious like drug possession, or for something minor like public intoxication, it is important to retain experienced and reputable criminal defense in order to avoid the maximum penalties. Without a good lawyer, you are subject to being sentenced the full penalty for your conviction, which likely […]

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