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Massachusetts Immediate Threat Suspensions

G.L. c. 90, Sec. 22(a) grants the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles broad power to indefinitely revoke a driver’s license for violations of the motor vehicle laws which constitute an immediate threat to the public safety. A revocation under the immediate threat law has been determined not to constitute a punishment and, therefore, a criminal […]

Irresponsible Drivers Causing Road Accidents

No matter how safe and focused you may be as a driver, you can still be involved in a road accident. Most of the time being in a road accident is simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time – there is nothing you can do to stop another driver’s mistakes and carelessness. […]

The Scottish Court Process From a Road Traffic Law Perspective

Road Traffic Solicitors in Scotland often observe that most clients charged with a serious road traffic offence share the same apprehensions about court, including the process involved and what is to be expected of them when in court. This is because most clients contesting a road traffic case such as drink driving offences, speeding offences, […]

Cross Examination of the Defense Medical Doctor: Nine Keys for Success

1. Cross examination: one fact one question. The only way to keep control of the doctor on cross examination is to ask questions with one fact that calls for a yes or no answer. You are giving a speech in the form of questions. The facts in your questions should stand on their own and […]

Not Your Grandpa’s Motorcycle

From the invention of the wheel to the present time, there have been numerous discoveries that have assisted and expanded life as we have known it on this planet. At first most of the inventions were discoveries that assisted in the everyday life to make life, which was mostly about survival day to day, easier. […]

Motorbike Helmets Explained – Full Face Or Modular?

When it comes to safety while on your motorbike, helmets are a must. The problem is that few riders actually wear helmets… to be exact only 58% of motorbike riders wear helmets and that number is constantly decreasing. There used to be this stereotype that riders wearing helmets were “uncool” well… not any more. When […]

Love Motorcycles? Career Ideas for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

While many people think of motorcyclists as those who love to ride as a hobby or only in their spare-time, there are some individuals who are lucky enough to be able to use their motorcycle as part of their job. Just like a moving company has a truck, some people have motorcycles that are essential […]

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