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Not Your Grandpa’s Motorcycle

From the invention of the wheel to the present time, there have been numerous discoveries that have assisted and expanded life as we have known it on this planet. At first most of the inventions were discoveries that assisted in the everyday life to make life, which was mostly about survival day to day, easier.

It is amazing where we have come from since the beginning of time and the invention of the wheel. We have jet airplanes because of Orville and Wilbur Wright, and we have seen man on the moon. We have light in our homes because of Thomas Edison, and cars to drive because of people like Henry Ford. While riding down the open road on a motorcycle, who is it the thanks gets to go to for being the catalyst of the invention? Where did the motorcycle come from?

In the late 1800’s the bicycle was invented. Then someone came up with the idea of strapping an internal-combustion motor to the contraption. Two young men performed experiments with this motorized bicycle. Their names were William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson. They formed the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company in 1903 to manufacture motorized bicycles. Their experiments proved to be more influential to American motorcycling than all of the rest combined. Triumph Company in Europe was started about the same time.

Biking has evolved over the decades from a way to get around, other than walking or horses, to the 50’s when bikers were the bad boys, and then in the 60’s Honda a Japanese company came up with a new marketing strategy. Their target was the everyday person, and the ads said, “You meet the nicest people on a Honda”.

Today bikers come from a cross section of society. There are young riders that love the adrenalin rush, executives that ride to work and take to the road on the weekends to experience the freedom, women riders that love the independence and experiencing their individuality, and seniors who are taking to the road as a way of experiencing their retirement.

So thanks to all who have brought invention and discovery to our world including the ability to enjoy riding down the open road, one with our bike and our surroundings.

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