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Road Defect Lawsuits

We are very used to seeing improperly maintained roads and highways. Pot holes caused by poor drainage systems are common after snow storms and heavy rains. However, sometimes these pot holes and other defects are caused by the negligence of others. Luckily, the majority of people who hit these pot holes experience little more than a bump or a busted tire as they drive over the hole. However, there are some people who are seriously injured due to this road care negligence. There are millions of dollars available to states and cities to maintain their roads and prevent car accidents and property damage from occurring. However, if they fail to properly maintain their roads, maintenance may be overlooked.

There are many different causes of road defects. The definition of a “road defect” includes any part of a road, highway, or construction site that does not meet the regulations for a safe road. The defects that that most often cause injuries to people or damage to vehicles include:

  • Inadequate road shoulders
  • Lanes that are uneven
  • Pavement that is uneven
  • Improperly marked signs
  • Malfunctioning stop lights
  • Construction negligence
  • Municipal negligence

Fortunately for those who have been harmed by these defects, personal injury attorneys can often times get compensation for the victims. Damage to cars, if caused by a road defect, may be paid for. Medical bills and loss of work will be eligible for compensation if an auto accident investigation finds that the accident was truly caused by a defect in the road. Road defects like these should be reported to authorities as they may prevent future injuries for others

It is very unlikely that a will not see a road defect in his or her life. They are everywhere, and the danger of their effects cannot be overlooked. Especially when driving on highways at high speeds, any bump in the road can be potentially deadly.

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