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Four Different Ways to Hold Title to Real Property in Maryland

In Maryland there are four basic ways to hold title to a property. This may also be referred to as ways to hold tenancy. First of all, there is "fee simple". This can be thought of the most basic and strong way to hold property. An example of fee simple is when you buy a […]

What You Need to Remember When You Get Caught For a DUI

They say people never learn. That is why despite the constant reminders from a lot of concerned groups to not drive after drinking, still a good number of drivers find themselves facing the DUI legal nightmare. Some may have thought that a few drinks (well, you also need to define "few") will not cause too […]

Military Boots – Durable and Rugged

While military boots sound like they are not meant for civil use, that fact is no longer as true as it once was. Not only has tactical gear become a popular fashion in the civil world, but combat boots are actually finding their way into the non military workforce. With features like zippers, water resistant […]

Military Boots for Hiking

Military boots used to be the business of the soldier. Since the first Roman Centurion worn hobnail boots onto the battlefield – and felt all the better for it – armies across the world began to understand the importance of protecting feet from harsh and rugged terrain. An industry was born: weather-resistant, durable, outdoor footgear […]

Military Snipers Vs. Police Snipers

A “sniper” is someone who strikes at a target from an undisclosed location. A sniper rifle, therefore, would be any rifle a sniper uses. But commonly, a “sniper rifle” is the name given to any rifle with inherent accuracy, and modifications made to wring the most accuracy out of it. Most common sniper rifles are […]

Product Review: Camelbak Trizip

Camelbak is well-known for its hands free hydration back packs for which they are a leader in their market. Formerly it began out as a company to help people drink automatically whilst engaging in sports or on long trips in hot countries around the world. However, these days the army have recognized the need to […]

How to Attract the Opposite Sex

When considering how to attract the opposite sex, one fundamental key is stay true to you. Being yourself will pay off in the end, especially if you are seeking a permanent relationship. The evidence of high compatibility (important for long-term success) can not be determined if you are passing yourself off as someone you are […]

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