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What A DUI Lawyer Does For You

You've been charged with a DUI: now what? You have a couple of options available to you. You can represent yourself. This is ill advised, especially if you took a breathalyzer or sobriety test and failed. You can choose a public defender. They are free and your rights to an attorney are protected under the law. However, public defenders are often young and inexperienced which could result in an unfavorable resolution to your case. Your best option is to secure the services of a professional DUI attorney.

There are lawyers and law firms that focus their energies on those who have been accused of crimes. These criminal lawyers often specialize in a type of case to offer superior quality representation to those who have been charged with a specific crime. A DUI lawyer will be an expert in the laws that protect both you and the public. Having an expert can help better ensure that your case will resolve favorably and help you better understand your rights under the law.

What also makes a lawyer a good investment is their ability to further investigate the circumstance surrounding your charge and arrest. Through consultations, you should explain in great detail what was happening while you were driving, what happened when the sirens went off, and how law enforcement treated you. You may have been stopped for a traffic violation. You may have gotten caught at a "checkpoint." In either case, a DUI lawyer will be able to identify if any police action was illegal or they conducted their arrest wrong in any way. If you were approached with a breathalyzer and took it confident that you were sober and tested positive, your lawyer may want to check the effectiveness of the device.

The other personal benefit to having a DUI lawyer present with you during proceedings is that they can make you feel confident. Working hard to resolve your case favorably, you will get one on one attention that can help you feel confident that everything will go smoothly. They will coach you for negotiations and court proceedings. They will help you know how to act and react during your trial. You may be able to garner information from articles on the web about how to handle a court case by yourself but nothing replaces the help you get with confidence.

If you've been charged, you have a limited amount of time to secure private representation. Make sure that you call a DUI lawyer as soon as possible to have enough time to prepare for your trial. Evidence will need to be collected, witnesses will need to be interviewed, and a strategy will need to be devised. The best cases are resolved favorably when you call a lawyer immediately after your arrest or even before. It is a wise decision to do your homework ahead of time and have the number of a reputable firm on you at all times.

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